Karin Events Concept Weddings

Karin Events Concept Weddings

About Karin Events



My name is Karin Badea and I am the founder of Karin Events. I created the company almost 13 years ago with the intention to create amazing and heartfelt events for couples who want their wedding day to be a unique celebration of their love. With special attention to details, we create special memories for a lifetime. Over the years we have grown and naturally evolved towards destination weddings, which are our favourite type of events. We started with weddings in special destinations from Romania (where I am from), like Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, or the Royal Casino from the mountains' city of Sinaia. We are now planning destination weddings all over Europe, especially after moving the company’s headquarters to London in 2019. I am very excited about this new journey!

Our Approach

A wedding means meticulous planning, dedication, creativity and great attention to details. Karin Events is a company specialised in destination wedding planning, in love with bespoke events. Our goal is for every wedding to be perfect for the couple who celebrate it, while being a true expression of their essence.

Karin Events is not just a wedding planning company. We are a company that dedicates its time and passion to creating extraordinary events and unforgettable moments. Starting from the idea you have about the wedding, we will research and propose the best locations and venues together with the most suitable vendors: caterers, bridal shops, photographers, videographers, DJs, bands, floral designers, invitations, ceremonial officiants, etc. Our recommendations are based on your style, priorities, budget and, last but not least, chemistry. Based on our recommendations, you can choose the vendors and we will analyse and negotiate the contracts for you.

The wedding day is that magical day, dedicated to you, and you deserve to enjoy it fully! We understand how important your day is and we do everything in our power to make sure it will be a day to remember and cherish all of your life. Leave the management of all the details to us, so you can enjoy your special day, together with your loved ones. We will carefully plan every detail and every stage of the wedding, and on the big day, we will be with you throughout the event, making sure that everything goes smoothly, accordingly to the plan. In case of an unforeseen situation, our experience plus the Emergency Kit we carry with us everywhere, will get us out of any situation.

Our Happy Brides

“We were extremely lucky to have Karin and all the people she collaborates with, because I jeopardised the whole wedding one week before… She handled it extremely well and everything was perfect from the flower arrangements to every plate of food. I found in Karin an extremely capable and devoted woman, a true perfectionist, who is involved in any event as if it were hers. Without her, our event would have been far from perfect. We had an extraordinary, perfect wedding that was praised by all the guests (from the smallest to the biggest) and for that we thank Karin, who made our event unique and special."


Sorana Popescu

“Last year (October, 22) my husband (romanian) and I (from Russia) had a wedding in Bucharest. That time we lived in Switzerland and to Bucharest I came occasionally to meet with suppliers, etc. I didn't know the city, I didn't know the language, and I had no idea about wedding organization. Karin was the person who guided me through that difficult and important period of my life. She was patient, tactful, extremely professional and endlessly open-minded. She did her best and never let me down. I appreciate her support, transparency and positivity. Thanks to her help and my husbands love I had the best wedding ever.”


Valeria Adrian

“Karin, thank you so much for helping us plan the wedding of our dreams! You gave us all the support in organizing the party so that we could have fun with the guests without any other worries! Although there were unforeseen events, we were able to rely on you and everything was wonderful. I don't know what we would have done without you! With your help, I managed to allocate my time only for certain aspects so that the party has our personal imprint! Thank you very much for the recommendations of video, photo, music. I am glad that we managed to capture the moment so beautifully and that the guests felt so good!”


Anca Luminita Carlan

Professionalism and personal involvement from Karin Events and their vendors - these were the ingredients of a memorable day. Beyond every detail put together, they were the ones who made me smile all day, forgetting about any worries. By working with you, Karin, the wedding day turned out to be perfect, a day when we really got to enjoy each other.


Diana Goga

“The precision of a swiss watch! That is what Karin Events means to us! Karin knows what, how, where and why. Thank you for being there for us on the most important day of our lives! And thank your for making the impossible become possible! Do you need a wedding planner? Get in touch with Karin with all your heart!”


Andra Alexoaie

“Karin is a professional and more! As a wedding planner, she made sure everything turned out the way we wanted to. She come up with practical and ingenious solutions when things seemed a bit off, but, above all, she gave us that psychic comfort we needed around a such an event. Thanks to her we could really enjoy our wedding day, because we knew the coordination was in good hands. Thank you!"


Teo Ivanov